Engineering & Fabrication

Metals recycling protects the environment and saves energy. Using secondary raw materials means less use of natural resources which would otherwise be needed to make new metal compounds – such as iron ore in steelmaking; nickel in stainless steel; or alumina and bauxite in aluminium smelting. There are also considerable savings in energy and reduced CO2 emissions in production methods using recycled materials.

At Platinum Recycling we recycle a wide range of used engineering and fabrication material including:

  • Structural Steel beams
  • Machinery
  • Tungsten Carbide inserts and tools.
  • Signage
  • Swarf and Turnings
  • Welders (Arc, Mig, and Tig)
  • Electric Forklifts and Charging Stations.
  • Warehouse Shelving.
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