Approximately 40% of the zinc consumed worldwide comes from recycled or secondary zinc. 
For the zinc and steel industries, recycling of zinc-coated steel provides an important new source of raw material – both zinc and steel can be recycled again and again without any loss of their physical or chemical properties.

Zinc is recycled at all stages of production and use, including scrap that arises during the production of galvanized steel sheet, scrap generated during manufacturing and installation processes and from end-of-life products. The presence of zinc coating on steel does not affect steel’s recyclability, and all types of zinc-coated products are recyclable. Similarly, the presence of zinc in alloys does not affect its recyclability; the alloys are rmelted and used to manufacture new products of the same alloy.

The amount of zinc available for recycling varies, due to the generally long, useful life of zinc-containing products, which is variable and can range from 15-plus years for the zinc-coated steel panels used in cars or household appliances to over 100 years for zinc sheet used for roofing.

Recycling Options

There are many scrap metal companies who offer a combination of drop-off, pick-up and on-site collection bin services for ferrous scrap but at Platinum Recycling we believe that our professional and friendly team and well-maintained facility are what sets us a part.

What happens when you drop in?

On arrival into our yard we weigh and check over your material, sorting it into bins depending on the material content. As we recycle so many materials such as copper, aluminium, steel, stainless steel we can advise you how to sort your load for future deliveries.

We then pay you $$, cheque or EFT while you wait. All weights are per 1KG increments.

After you leave we then further process the material to make sure there is no cross class contamination ensuring our scrap metal is of the highest quality.

Bin Placement & Pickup

Platinum Recycling can offer bin placements for all your scrap requirements. We have a range of bin sizes to suit your various needs.

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