Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide

Why Recycle?

When an operator replaces a carbide insert, about 95% of the carbide is still intact and capable of being recycled. Of this carbide, tungsten comprises 75% of the content.  Tungsten is a finite resource with the ability to be recycled infinitely, reducing our reliance upon mining of this rare earth element. Recycling makes sense both financially and environmentally.

The limited  supply of tungsten has been keeping upward pressure on the price of the metal and recycling is attracting considerably more attention from carbide tip producers to control high carbide prices, ensure security of supply and reduce consumption of non-renewable raw materials.

Production of tools from recycled material consumes up to 75% less energy than production from raw materials. It also reduces CO2 emissions by roughly 40%.

There is no difference in quality between cutting tools made from recycled or raw materials.

At PF Metals we pay $$ for your used or unwanted tungsten carbide or steel cutting tools.

Pickup can be arranged depending on your location.

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